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UV LED Curing

Integration Technology Cost-Savings Calculator


Cost-Effective Solution

UV LED vs ARC Lamp Energy Costs Comparison

With rising Energy costs and diminishing fossil fuel supplies we see it as our duty to develop products that enable you to manufacture your products cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Find out below just how much you could save by switching from conventional UV ARC systems to UV LED technology.

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UV LED Curing

Cost-Savings Calculator

See the potential energy savings when switching from conventional UV ARC systems to UV LED technology by using our Cost-Savings Calculator below:


No Harmful VOCs
No Harmful Solvents
No Harmful Mercury

Integration Technology Reducing WasteReducing

Low Heat Output
Low Maintenance
Low No. of Parts

Integration Technology Energy SavingsSaving Energy
for UV

Integration Technology For IndustryEliminating
for Industry

Sustainable Solution

Integration Technology – The Gold Standard in Clean Energy UV LED Curing Solutions for Industrial Applications.

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